Our Services

A full-service IT solution provider

  • Project Management

    From beginning to conclusion, we work closely with our clients to define the initial goals, benchmarks and execution of their proyects. At the end of the project cycle we provide a report with recommendations, next steps and post-execution services.

  • Communication Network Design

    We support our clients in the design of their communication network, taking into account the constraints faced by the client and their expected growth rate.

  • Network Monitoring

    We offer our clients cutting-edge solutions to guarantee the full funcionality of their network. We employ different techniques to ensure that if there is a failure in the system, a contingency plan is promptly executed to maintain the reliability of the network.

  • IT Outsourcing

    We provide training, monitoring, management and project management on all the IT solutions we offer. In many cases our experts will work within your facilities to ensure outstanding results.

  • Telepresence

    In many ways, telepresence is the future of closer communication networks between disparate offices and teams working from remote locations. We help our clients achieve results and improve their internal operations by linking their mobile, desktop and traditional videoconference rooms.